In 2020 l published my puppy guide.  The Australian Golden Retriever puppy book has been a best seller and can be found in homes all over Australia. It is set out in an easy-to-read format with over 100 charts and photos. Parents have told me their children have enjoyed sitting with them and reading it together.

* June 2023 – 2nd edition published. New topics were added and made for an international audience (after many requests from overseas).

You can purchase the new edition on Amazon as an ebook; the hard copy is now available directly from me.

For those in AU, please order hard copies directly from below. 

For NZ orders over 10, please get in touch with me directly for the best price. 

This book will be a valuable guide regardless of where your puppy is from. It is also an excellent resource for breeders to supply with their puppies, and many breeders have embraced this guide and are including it in their puppy packs.

Topics included:

  • Meet the Golden Retriever
  • How to find a reputable breeder
  • Things to be aware of when selecting a breeder
  • Before you get your puppy
  • Puppy selection and bringing your puppy home
  • Feeding your puppy
  • House and crate training
  • Puppy exercise and behaviour
  • Health Matters
  • Desexing your puppy
  • Coping with an in-season girl
  • Breeding considerations
  • Puppy Socialisation
  • Behaviour Problems, such as mouthing, barking, digging
  • Enrichment and fun ideas for your puppy
  • Puppies and Children
  • 5 pages on grooming your Golden
  • Everyday health matters ( hot spots, anal glands, ear infections, allergies)
  • Medical emergencies
  • Healthy treats
  • Therapy and assistance dog
  • Hereditary conditions

And so much more.

80 pages of full colour with over 100 photos and diagrams. It also includes a poisons list, a socialisation chart, and an important date record chart for your puppy.

To purchase this book, follow the link to pay and order online. NOTE: For orders over 10 please get in touch with Jane for a price

The cost per book is $ 22 plus postage and handling. (The secure payment is via Square.)

Golden Retriever Puppy Book

$22.00  plus P & H

Buy now

Orders of 10 or more will get a 10% discount. Enter the coupon code BULK at checkout to receive the discount.

SHIPPING – IMPORTANT For bulk orders of over 10, please contact Jane for a price. AU post costs have increased dramatically, and it is often cheaper to use a courier. New books come in boxes of 23; we offer a discount on each box. 




PUPPY BOOK — 8 Comments

  1. As a long time ANKC breeder of Goldens I’d like to say how much I enjoy this book especially for new owners of a golden puppy .The book will be an essential part of my puppy packs . It covers everything a new owner needs to know . A wonderful resource !

  2. I love my GR Puppy book, full of useful information. I think the book is great, being an Australian guide, very relevant.

    I plan to leave the book on my coffee table, as no doubt I will be referring to it a lot.

  3. This book is so well put together for the new puppy person. It will be part of my puppy packs for sure. What an amazing resource to have on hand. I can not recommend this book enough.

  4. This book is a great Australian asset for Golden Retriever fans. Even the 7 year old human child has been able to learn from it.

  5. This book was a great addition to my puppy pack for new owners from my last litter. All the new owners loved the book as do I. A great resource of information for all new puppy owners, full of hints and tips in raising a brand new puppy. Highly recommend this book.

  6. Congratulations Jane on the outstanding success of this book. As a dedicated breeder I am so excited to have this resource to give to my new puppy families. Every page is excellent right through to the back page on Socialisation. Claire, Ivylock Golden Retrievers

  7. Good afternoon. Your book is amazing! As a breeder, thank you for working on it like u have. Would you please be able to quote me on 50 when you get a chance? Thank you so much.

  8. I love your puppy book Jane. It’s very comprehensive but also easy and enjoyable to read .
    My puppy people receive theirs at the first visit so they can be prepared for their new puppy .

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