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Jane is now available to do pet portraits and commissions, please visit the link below to find out more information on
personalised portraits of your pets.

In 2005 after a 10-year break, I  started drawing again, under the guidance of renowned wildlife artist Steve Morvell.  These paintings are all done in soft pastels my preferred medium, I love the freedom they give me and am particularly enjoying the water effects I can get from them. My passion is
animals, particularly Goldens in action, and I think this is reflected in my work. All my favourite pieces are an extension of myself and my feelings. I hope in time I can reflect this in all of my work.

 Some examples of my work can be seen here, occasional works will be offered for sale.

I am happy to paint commissions of your pets if you would like to contact me. I do prefer to work off my own photos and am a keen photographer. I am happy to take photos for a portrait but appreciate that this is not always possible.

Thank you to those who have let me use photos of your beloved animals.

Below are some examples of my more recent work,
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Please note all paintings are

Golden Retriever Art
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