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CH Camuka Monarch ofthe Glen

 Sire: CH Strathraer Hyland Brae   Dam: Oaklodge Juliana

Hips 4,7(11) Elbows 0,0.  Eye & Heart Certs


Ch Camuka Monarch OfThe Glen - 4 yrs



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 "Archie" is the result of many years planning, and is a lovely young boy with heaps of attitude, he is my shadow at home and a wonderful gentle boy to live with. So far he is fulfilling all our hopes, and we are delighted in his recent success.

As a stud Archie has produced quality puppies of true type and disposition. We wish the many people with Archie kids every success for the future.  Some of Archie's progeny can be seen here

 “Archie’s” career highlights include:
  * Best Opposite Puppy at GRCV Specialty show 2001 - Kate Crosbie-Black (UK)

Critique "Quality gold puppy with nice head and expression. Well made forehand, level top line and well set on tail. Good body depth, short coupled, good stifles. Good bone and straight front. Good bend of stifle. Moved well."

 * Best In Show - GRCV Open Parade 2002 -Mrs. J Kennon- Wray
* Best of Breed - Melbourne Royal 2002 - Mr. J Cole (USA)

 * Intermediate In Show & Res Dog CC at GRCV Specialty Show 2002 -Agnetha Cardel (Sweden)

Critique: "a very balanced dog of excellent quality, a lovely head and expression. excellent neck and clean shoulders, strong hindquarters, well bent stifles, coat in very good condition. A very stylish dog with lots of presence, super mover."

                           * Reserve Dog CC at GRCSA Specialty Show August 2003 - Wendy Andrews (UK)

Critique "Another dog of quality.  Close up to winner and unlucky to meet him on such good form. Well constructed, masculine head with soft expression. Plenty of substance with good spring of rib.  Good  front and good shoulder and stifle angulation.  Really drove from the rear when moving.  Liked him a lot! "

* November 2003 - BOB (25 Pts) at Victorian Womans Dog Club -  Mrs T Illukka (Finland)
* June 2004-  DCC & BOB - Canine Amenities Club of Vic - Judge - Breed Specialist Mr R.   Bridgeford (Vic)

Pedigree of CH Camuka Monarch oftheGlen





Aust CH Strathraer Hyland Brae

Hips2,2(4), Final eye cert, Clear Heart cert

Oaklodge Strauss

Hips 9,3(12) Eye Cert

Oaklodge Impact

Hips 2,2 (4) Eye Cert

 Charterhall Gallileo(IMP NZ)

CH Oaklodge Wistful

CH. Rueberry Fantasy of Laytoncroft (IMP UK)

Hips 5,5 (10) Eye Cert

Christopher of Lilling

Lawnwoods Wait and See

CH. Ferndarra Game Runner

Hips 9,3 (12) Eye Cert

CH Leegolden Valley King

Hips 3,4 (7) Eye Cert

CH. Leoline Golden Ruffy

CH Goldog Alpine Minion

Ferndarra Sea Shanty

Hips 4,4 (8) Eye Cert

CH. Thessaly Happy Boy

CH. Ferndarra Roving Gypsy CD

Oaklodge Juliana

Hips 4,7(11), elbows0,0 Clear eye cert, clear Heart cert.


CH Oaklodge Edwrd O Carlile

Hips 5,4(9)

Clear Eye & Heart Cert

Oaklodge Oliver

Hips 5,5 (10) Eye Cert

Oaklodge Impact

 Larkin Agarista  

Harrigold Christabel

Hips 9,7 (16) Eye Cert

CH. Oaklodge Golden Link

Harrigold Amberglow

Oaklodge Thread Of Gold

Hips 4,3(7)

Clear Eye & Heart Cert

Tola Bar (IMP UK)

Hips 6,7 (13) Eye Cert

Duel Ch Rayleas Reema

Barcamino Emmanuella

Larkin Agarista

 Hips 11,8 (19) Eye Cert

Charterhall Gallileo(IMP NZ)

Harrigold Belinda

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